What is Colorescience®?

Formulated with substantiated and distinctive active ingredients, Colorescience® products fuse the beauty of traditional makeup with the benefits and efficacy of skincare. Colorescience® products are full of proven, high tech ingredients at correct potent percentages to make looking good now good for your skin.

All Colorescience® products contain high-integrity, waterproof minerals with no parabens, emollients, chemicals, oils, perfumes, talcs, dyes or preservatives.

All packaging can be recycled and some products can even be refilled. Colorescience® also does not test any products on animals.

Why should I use Colorescience®?

What you put on your face matters! Colorescience® makeup with skincare benefits is created to remedy and camouflage specific skin concerns and to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sub and environment. Colorescience® products are only available in top medical offices and spas.

Colores. Protects. Corrects. Perfects.